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Yoga teacher for 20 years

My teaching style is based on how I was taught - with attention to alignment, using props to provide space and comfort. I've found that the small things you do every day provide a big benefit. Yoga sessions are so easy to slot into your daily life. My goal is to guide you through this system of yoga in your own space, where you create your own positive environment and experience a transformation that lingers through your days. 



Yogi since childhood, teacher for 9 years

Yoga has been a way of life since I can remember -- a constant companion. My classes are calm and peaceful, with a focus on alignment. It's important to me to promote that yoga is absolutely inclusive. There are always options!  It's not about the fancy poses either, it's about achievable movement, just as much about breath, and even more about how it's incorporated into every day. My aim is to make yoga enjoyable and beneficial for you.