Mind and motivation

Twenty years ago I had an aunty in her 80s who asked me, "what are you doing for sport these days?' I told her I was practising a lot of yoga. Her response was, "Yoga is essential. What are you doing for sport?"

YOGA is all about the mind.

The mind determines your motivation and action.

When you practise yoga regularly you're more motivated to practise yoga (work that one out for a minute)

That's the truth of it isn't it? You're more motivated when you practise yoga. Motivated to handle things better, motivated to be more calm and patient, motivated to be more creative, motivated to challenge yourself, motivated to add more rest - motivated to practise yoga.

In addition, the regular practice breaks your patterns of thinking (which can be repetitive or negative) and makes room in your mind to make clear and positive choices.

My aunty was quite right! The essential yoga practice! (I also took up playing more tennis)


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