The spice of life

Hello yogis!

I find variety is essential in a yoga practice because every day brings a different set of needs.

Here's a little selection of some of our recent uploads. Have a look and I'm sure there will be one that resonates with what you need.

Chair assisted Hand to big toe pose (10 min)

Grab your props! You'll get a lot from this standing balance that is well worth practising with props to achieve good alignment (or to achieve at all) Props: chair, wall, strap and maybe a couple of blocks or big books.

I needed that (13 min)

"What do I need?" A good question to ask yourself and to guide your practice. This one satisfied the need for some arm strengthening, stretching and hip mobility. For those that are familiar with basic postures, practise with me while I call the poses.

Downward facing dog for tight hamstrings (6 min)

This identifies tight hamstrings in downward facing dog pose and offers some tips on gaining more flexibility and better alignment.

Strong but calm (12 min)

Start by generating a calm mindset, then move into a sequence of classic standing postures, holding them long enough to strengthen your focus and calm. Minimal instruction for this one. Props: block and blanket optional

Meditation to help recalibrate (5 min)

This meditation helps you to drop away anything that you're carrying with you, become very present and undisturbed. Use this meditation to start your practice or anytime you need it!

Savasana. Rapid Image Visualisation meditation (8 min)

This meditation incorporates a technique called Rapid Image Visualisation. A number of things are named and your mind moves from one image to the next. This can be helpful in taming a wandering mind and releasing emotional responses to certain images.


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